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To my second Mom  / Terry Morton (True Friend )  Read >>
To my second Mom  / Terry Morton (True Friend )

At this Holiday Season it's important to say hello and thank you for your incredible kindness over the years.  When I was growing up and trying to become a mature adult, you took me in and cared for me as if I was your own son.  Your influence and gentle guidance is something that lives on with me.

I will never forget your wisdom and sense of humor!  You kept us out of trouble and also bailed us out when we were out of your reach. 

I miss you and I will never forget what a profound influence you had on me!

Merry Christmas Jeanne, with all my love...


To my Loving Mother  / William Salisbury (Son)  Read >>
To my Loving Mother  / William Salisbury (Son)

I had the opportunity to share with my Mother this last Christmas about a book I was studying called The Power of Intention. Intention is not a pit bull attitude of determination, but rather the belief that we all come from a source that identifies not only our physical make up such as our shape, skin, eye and hair color, but also what we are predestined to become and how and why we live our lives.

This source is never ending and is always creating. Some people like to call it God. She new right away what I was talking about and said she always new she was connected to the Source and I was as well. Staying connected to Source can be as easy as remembering the seven faces of intention. She was and always will be these seven faces: Kindness, Loving, Beauty, Abundance, Expanding, Receptive and Creative.

Once I understood this concept, I was never afraid of death for her, myself or anyone else. 

Her happiness on earth came from the way she chose to view things. 
"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change"

In her world everything was beauty. 

I will see you at the Source of all things Mom,

With all my love, your son Bill

Friend, Mom / Wayne Kerry Salisbury (son)  Read >>
Friend, Mom / Wayne Kerry Salisbury (son)

Over the many years we shared together, we shared not only love and happiness but many trying times. When I felt I had no hope and life was becoming to difficult to manage she stood beside me. She supported me in many ways, most of all she became a great friend. Before she took her last breath, the hospital emergency staff gave me the opportunity to speak to her. I told mom I'll see you in heaven, your family loves you. We will all be together in heaven soon.

The Epitome of Unconditional Love / Frank Salisbury (Son)  Read >>
The Epitome of Unconditional Love / Frank Salisbury (Son)
Her happiest days I think were here in Interlachen. When her brother Paul compelled her to come out and visit, she astutely negotiated and purchased the home she lived in, and fixed it up beautifully. Her beautiful little home on the lake became her garden oasis: her Shangri La. She spent the last 14 years being incredibly happy, sitting out on her porch and watching the lake and the animals. Not two weeks ago we were taking her shopping and having lunch at various restaurants. Mothers go a long way to love and cherish their children. The lengths that our mom went to show her absolute love and support of her children, however, were extraordinary. Each of us has many examples of the unconditional love that mom gave us each and every day. But I just wanted to give you one typical example of the lengths that she would go for her children. After divorcing my father, she got the mobile home in DeAnza, on Mission Bay in San Diego, and she absolutely loved living there. But when I started getting into trouble in high school there, she asked what were we going to do, I said I needed to move back to Phoenix to be with my old friends who were from respected families and less likely to get into trouble. Well my mom sold the place in San Diego, and returned to Phoenix (which she hated) just so I could get back on track and stay out of trouble! I have never forgotten what she did for me that day, and that’s why I went to great lengths to be there for her whenever she needed me, and why I stayed here close to her for the last eight years. She was always there for us. She helped all of us anytime we needed her. Her love was absolute and unyielding. Everyone one of us could go to her anytime for whatever help we needed: especially emotional support. She always smiled at people strangers, friends, no matter. She went out of her way to spread sunshine and cheer: even in difficult times. Her looks, her glamour, her elegance. She was an incredibly attractive woman, in all ways, throughout her entire life. Her general demeanor and the way she conducted herself should be an example to everyone. We should all try to be the kind, gentle, funny, supportive, loving people that she was. In many ways she was my best friend. There will never be a day I do not think about her. She will be deeply missed by all of us. I know that if she’s not admitted into our Lord God’s heaven, then heaven does not exist…Good Bye Mom, We All Love You. Close
Our mother  / Dianne McIntire (daughter)  Read >>
Our mother  / Dianne McIntire (daughter)

As her oldest, I was blessed to love her first and longest.  She was everything I aspire to be -- as a mother and as a woman.  Many will write of her great beauty, her enormous capacity to love, her warmth and her sense of fun.  (Remember the stories of Mom, FB and the Boggs pretending to be the visiting Governor or Senator of some state for great Vegas seats; the commercial audition for the race track in Phoenix?)  She'll be remembered also for her strength, her ability to overcome heartbreaking pain, able to forgive great wrongs, willingness to stand up to anything life threw at her - and come out stronger and laughing on the other side.  From all of us who loved and admired you, we'll see you again, Mom.

heaven / Teri Burnsbates (friend)  Read >>
heaven / Teri Burnsbates (friend)
I had the pleasure of meeting Jeanne when Bill and I dated for a few years. I was very fond her she made me feel like family right away.I will always remeber what a classy lady she was and I loved her accent. She was a very special mom, I always looked forward to her visits. My thoughts and prayers go out Bill,Byron,Kerry and the family. she is at peace in heaven. God Bless Teri and family. Close
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